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    Shanghai residents in lockdown brake censorship via NFTs

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    The March Covid19 epidemic outbreak in Shanghai compelled officials to declare a mandatory quarantine, confining 25 million citizens to their homes. People share their situation with the world via the Internet and NFTs.
    Break free from the confines
    The extraordinarily strict lockdown prohibited residents from leaving their houses for weeks while the virus infected hundreds of thousands […]

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    A catalogue of the best NFT services by NFT Arty

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    Do you want to always be aware of trending NFT collections and jump into top-selling projects ahead of everyone else? We have prepared a list of the best NFT tools that will help you find that hidden gem.
    NFT Collection Browsers
    Rarity.tools is an NFT analytics tool for browsing and tracking NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. […]

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    Institute of Digital Fashion (IODF)

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    “The future of fashion is in the virtual world,” said Cat Taylor and Leanne  Young, founders of the first-ever Institute of Digital Fashion.

    Designer Cat Taylor, aka Cattytay, known as the founder of digital fashion (we wrote about her in the article about the History of Digital Fashion), and Leanne Elliott Young, founder of CommuneEast and […]

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    How to get a STEPN activation code

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    STEPN code: what are these sweet, coveted numbers, where to find them and how to use them? Let’s find the answers in today’s article.
    Why do I need an activation code for STEPN?
    STEPN is a popular Web3 mobile health and fitness app where you can use NFT trainers to earn money by simply walking, running, or […]

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    ICO: the birth of a cryptocurrency

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    An Initial Coin Offering or ICO is an event when a new cryptocurrency project sells its first coin supply in order to garner initial funding. Investors use it as a chance to receive cryptocurrency at the potentially best possible price in exchange for their early activity and contribution.

    An ICO is a crypto version of an […]