NFT Art is scratching the height of popularity and is already part of lucrative investments of many well-known entrepreneurs


Stars are born on NFT trading sites every day, and works find their happy collectors at auctions. Ethereum is going up, transaction count is mounting, and the authors of digital works are finally getting their long-deserved recognition.

Not long ago, crypto art took the world by storm: an NFT for a picture with 5,000 images went for a whopping $69 million

Many celebrities are happily buying the works of NFT creators, bringing acknowledgement to their geniuses, and NFT auctions are already held at Sotheby’s. But what compelled us to take an active interest in crypto art wasn’t the lust for fame: we just love the idea of ​​NFTs and wanted to create an environment to help pilgrims like ourselves find their way around the wondrous world of blockchain.


total nft market volume in 2020


total market cap of nft-related projects (as of 1 april 2021)


number of nft token sales per month


the most expensive nft by Beeple

Our team set out to create an independent information resource where you can find scientific and entertaining articles about NFTs, read news in different languages, and connect with find like-minded individuals.

The world of crypto art will never be too crowded, so feel free to join the NFT field and create or buy your own non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, we will happily share some tips & tricks of the trade as well hot news right here on our website

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