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Async Art is an NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform launched in early 2021 and has one significant difference from many other platforms. Async presents multi-layered programmable digital works called asynchronous art.

Async Art website

What is asynchronous art?

Asynchronous art allows users to create certificates of authenticity for separate layers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The outcome is a work of art that can take on various forms based on the layers and their states.

The image below illustrates an example of asynchronous art.

Each layer can have multiple states that artists determine in advance, such as color, size, shadows, rotation angle, etc. Layer owners can modify these states, causing the work to seem completely different than it was when it was created.

The appearance of an NFT can be affected not only by the owners of the layers but also by external factors specified by the artist. For example, the look of NFT may be changed by the weather in a particular place.

How to buy NFT?

First, you have to register. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the website.

Next, choose a username and select a registration method: only by e-mail or with a cryptocurrency wallet.

After successful registration, you can explore three sections on the main page of the platform: Art Gallery, Music Gallery and Blueprints.

Let’s take a closer look at the Music Gallery section. The tracks listed on this page can be modified. This is accomplished by dividing the music into layers, each of which has various alternatives. Thus, one asynchronous music track contains many unique combinations of sounds. Pick any NFT.

On this page, you may listen to the tune by clicking the Listen on AsyncPlayer button. Please keep in mind that the track you are currently listening to may sound slightly different tomorrow, depending on the actions of the layer owners.

NFTs from the Art Gallery section are formed according to the same principle. On the platform, you can find works by famous authors such as XCOPY.

To purchase an NFT, you need to click the Buy now button or offer your own price by clicking on the Place Bid button. You can also buy Async ArtNET on the OpenSea marketplace.

NFTs Creation

Users can produce their own works of art on the Async Art marketplace. Using the built-in Async Canvas service, anyone may craft NFTs right on the website. To do so, go to the top panel and select the Create button.

In the window that appears, you will see details about all of the works you have created, as well as the New Piece button, which will allow you to use the Async Art tools to create a new crypto art.

However, you will not be able to sell the work immediately after its creation if you have not yet received confirmation of artist status. Click on your account in the upper right corner and go to the Apply as an Artist option.

Next, you need to provide the information to apply for acceptance into the community as an artist.

After providing the data and approving the artist’s status from the platform, you will be able to put your work up for sale.


Marketplace takes 10% from the initial sale of NFTs if they were created directly on Async Art. If you upload a work created on a third-party service, you will have to pay the site from 20 to 30% for placement.

In the secondary market, the platform charges a commission of 1%, and another 10% goes to the artist as royalties. 

Link to the marketplace: https://async.art/

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