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Theta Labs is collaborating with Sony to create one-of-a-kind 3D NFTs that does not require 3D glasses. The “Tiki Guy” NFT will be compatible with a $4,999 Sony Spatial Reality Display. With a verified US delivery address, NFT buyers will be able to receive a free display.

Non-contact immersion

Because only 10 “Tiki Guy” NFTs will be generated, demand may considerably outstrip supply, especially if the price is less than the Sony display’s retail price. Sony, a Theta Labs investor, claims that the device detects eye movement to deliver a 3D image regardless of how the display is observed.

The innovative technique creates a 3D effect without the necessity of special glasses. This is made possible by using high-frequency micro-optical lenses for each eye separately. The project’s official website lists prospective areas of the product implementation, including gaming, entertainment, and medical.

Because it was difficult to present pricey NFTs in acceptable quality to a large audience and family, the prospects for implementing the technology of high-end display for NFTs are visible.

Remove VR glasses and get comfortable with a powerful computer

At the moment, there are already solutions on the market that allow you to display 2D NFTs. To utilize the technology, you must connect through a WEB 3 wallet and prove your ownership of the non-fungible token. On the other hand, content from the blockchain may be displayed on standard digital displays or special computers that enable experience models and animations without the need for extra equipment or VR glasses.

In 2021, Sony’s display was awarded the CES Innovation Prize. The development might be the solution to the current decline in the popularity of 3D content, particularly for users who already own a high-end computer.

“Immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display for metaverse enthusiasts and collectors.” – Nick Colsey, Vice President of Business Development, Sony Electronics Inc.

To display the  “Tiki Guy” NFTs graphics on the Sony device, users will need a Windows PC running Unity. The minimum computer specifications are rather high. It requires an Intel Core i7-9700K and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER. As a result, if you do not already own a gaming rig acquired within the previous several years, you may need to invest a few thousand dollars simply to operate the display. 

NFT revolution

Mitch Liu, CEO of ThetaLand, highlights the revolutionary concept of the joint development with Sony:

“NFT owners are ready for the next revolution. Sony’s Spatial Reality Display is a ‘whoa, baby’ experience – showcasing NFTs in a whole new way. Web3 Metaverse ready.” – Liu said.

Only NFTs that were initially generated in 3D will be possible to observe using Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Users will be unable to make 3D versions of popular NFT profile pictures. However, systems that allow you to generate derivatives from the NFTs from two collections, such as BAYC and MAYC, are currently being developed. So 3D derivations of existing 2D NFTs may soon be achievable.

3D components from the SandBox and Decentraland metaverses are other possible examples of what can be presented on the new Sony display. However, any integration is currently theoretical and would need additional work by developers.

The limited-edition “Tiki Guy” NFTs will be offered on Theta Labs’ marketplace, ThetaDrop, although a release date is still not known. Sony has confirmed that 2D versions of the 3D NFTs will be available as well.

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