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With an ill-fated blog post, Azuki creator ZAGABOUND.eth appeared to commit blockchain seppuku. The pseudonymous project leader stunned NFT Twitter by falling on an egotistical sword.

The former high-flying crypto entrepreneur shared what was most certainly supposed to be an encouraging rags-to-riches story of hard work and dedication. Instead, what happened in the minds of the NFT community resulted in a record of earlier transgressions.

ZAGABOND publicly mentioned his three projects previous to breaking out with Azuki in the post. When times were rough, their original members abandoned all of them. CryptoPhunks got in trouble for being a clone of CryptoPunks, Tendies never caught on, and the fate of CryptoZunks was sealed too.

Since the reveal, the Azuki floor price has fallen from highs of a 20ETH floor to lows of 10ETH, before returning to about the 16 ETH mark as of publishing. Yet, it is unclear how much of this adjustment is due to current market conditions.

The episode has triggered heated arguments among the social media NFT society. Rekindling the call for founder openness, as well as whether anything qualifies as a rug pull if the founders had no strategy and made no commitments. Even if they did, they could just leave the enterprise and start over with their questionable earnings.

Now, charges are flying far and wide in order to justify even more sinister behavior. Some crypto armchair detectives claim they have discovered a pattern of suspicious events during the previous year.

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