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Following big brands H&M is launching its first virtual showroom this spring. H&M’s virtual showroom is based on the premium Journee platform. It allows brands and artists to create hyper-realistic metaverses.

H&M’s virtual showroom will be the place of future collections’ presentations, special events and exhibitions. The first one will be Innovation Story, the special collection that was created from recycled waste. This is how H&M supports sustainability.

The brand with H&Mbeyond have created a unique space where visitors can get an incomparable experience and get acquainted with the brand’s latest collections. Visitors can explore the showroom space, interact with others and meet invited celebrities, influencers and H&M’s friends.

The brand is taking a big step towards spreading its influence in the market. By сreating a virtual showroom, they get the opportunity to interact with a young audience, their regular customers, as well as the media on a completely new modern level.

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