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We have already covered the play-to-earn running app STEPN. How to choose the right first sneakers with which you can earn the maximum profit? In order to recoup your investments as quickly as possible and reach a net income, you need to choose the right sneakers with the proper characteristics depending on your fitness level.

Sneakers Types

There are four different types of sneakers on the market:

  1. walker (for walking at 1-6km/hr)
  2. jogger (for fast walking/jogging at 4-10km/hr
  3. runner (for running at 8-20km/hr)
  4. trainer (versatile for 1-20km/hr)

Joggers are the best choice for earning $GST tokens (type 2). Everyone can benefit from a quick 10-20-minute stroll every day. Runners are for those users who have some athletic experience. Trainers allow you to earn at any speed. Earnings vary according to speed value; thus the average income is reasonably similar to income from joggers.

Sneakers rarity

At the moment, the app shows the common, uncommon, and rare types of sneakers, as well as epic ones. Because the last three categories are limited and costly, common shoes will satisfy a regular user.

Sneakers attributes

The attributes of a sneaker are the most important for getting a profit. Each sneakers pair has 4 attributes:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Luck
  3. Comfort
  4. Resilience

You should not focus on Comfort because it is not yet applied in operation and will have an impact on your profits when the sneakers reach level 30.

Luck is also not a crucial variable. Its value determines the frequency with which Mystery Boxes – boxes storing gems – are dropped (later about this). To gain profit with gems, you must first find an acceptable strategy and stick to it. Earning using this attribute is more expensive and not ideal for beginners.

Ultimately, we are interested in two attributes – Efficiency and Resilience. Efficiency determines how many GST tokens sneakers bring per run. Resilience determines how much you will have to pay for sneakers repair after the training.

Gem sockets

Each sneaker has four gem-filled sockets in the corners. Each socket is responsible for its own attribute. E stands for efficiency, L – luck, C – comfort, and R – resilience. At levels 5, 10, 15, and 20, sockets are opened one by one.

The sneakers in the screenshot have two sockets for comfort, one for luck, and one for efficiency. Sneakers with three unused slots do not lead to good profits. The ideal pair contains two slots for efficiency and two for resilience, but such a shoe will be tough to find on the market.

Earn calculator

You may use an earn calculator to determine your earnings from a particular pair. Simply choose the sneakers from the built-in marketplace and enter the necessary parameters in the appropriate fields.

Assume you buy the first pair of sneakers. Level 5 sneakers are the optimal choice. If you can’t find them, you can buy a lower level and then upgrade the pair yourself. The cost of raising the level corresponds to this level in GST tokens.

Fill in the fields and get the amount of your potential profit.

Such sneakers will bring us 2.87 GST per day. But if after the optimal increase (Optimize button) our sneakers will have the first level, we will see the following.

Taking the repair cost into consideration, the sneakers would now bring just 1.09 GST each day. Because the pair has a high comfort index, the cost of repairs will be significant.

Now you know how to choose sneakers in STEPN. Do not spare time for this process, because the better sneakers you manage to buy, the faster you can start earning.

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