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Sneakers minting in STEPN is one of the ways to earn in the play-to-earn running app.

If it’s not enough for you to earn just by walking or running, buy two pairs of sneakers, cross them together and get a third pair of sneakers. In the future, you can sell one of these three pairs. The strategy can also be used as the main earning strategy in the app.

Sneakers used for mint are called Vintages or Parents.

Sneakers mint requirements:

  • Two sneakers of level 5 or higher;
  • Sneakers – Parents cannot be rented at the time of the mint;
  • Both pairs must be completely repaired;
  • Enough funds in your wallet for a mint.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in STEPN, the same pair can only be minted seven times. Keep an eye out while purchasing your first pair of sneakers. If you get a pair with a mint count of 7, you will be unable to use them for minting, even if others have zero mints.

If your sneakers are in the process of leveling up, they can’t be used for minting either. The duration of the level increase depends on the value of the level to which you raise the sneakers. For example, if you raise the level of sneakers to the 10th, you will need to wait 10 hours before you can mint such sneakers.

Sneakers minting cost

This variable updates daily at 2:00 pm UTC and depends on the current GST and GMT prices. This works to help to balance token supply and demand.

For example, if you mint two pairs of common shoes with zero mint and the GMT price is at the moment lower than the GST price, the cost of the mint will be as follows:

How to mint STEPN Sneakers?

Step 1. Choose any pair of sneakers of the 5th level or higher.

Step 2. Press the Mint button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Select the second pair by clicking on the sneaker silhouette.

Step 4. After you add both pairs, you will see the Mint price.

Step 5. Double check the chosen sneakers and press the Mint button.

Step 6. That’s it, you’ve got your shoe box.

You may directly put it on the STEPN marketplace, predicting the likelihood of particular sneakers dropping out based on the box class and the parent sneakers’ classes.

In STEPN, you may also get two shoe boxes at the same time.  The higher the mint value of both pairs that you mint, the greater the chance of getting two boxes.

What rarity of sneakers to expect from mint?

Shoe boxes’ rarity is classified in the same way as sneakers are. Shoe box class is based on the Vintages class. The table below shows the likelihood of receiving a certain rarity of the box :

The table below allows you to assess the likelihood of getting sneakers of various rarities based on the rarity class of the box.

At the moment, it is impossible to get the legendary sneakers out of the box after mint.

What factors determine the type of minting sneakers?

According to the table below, the type is defined by the types of parent sneakers.

For example, by crossing two pairs of walker sneakers, you can get trainer-type sneakers with a probability of only 3%. Despite the low probability, such sneakers can be sold much more expensive than the cost of mint.

The sneaker’s socket type, like the sneaker type, is determined by the Vintage (Parent) sneaker’s socket kinds.

Useful outcome

Finally, we share with you the mint simulator. It will not only show the cost of the mint, but it will also indicate the likelihood of particular sneakers dropping out according to the specified characteristics. Please keep in mind that the current GST price must be provided manually.

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