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Microsoft built the metaverse shortly after Facebook changed its name to Meta to build virtual locations for businesses and consumers. Microsoft Teams now has a virtual experience stage called Mesh.

Mixed reality and the HoloLens are two components of a wider endeavor to include animated avatars in meetings or video conferences so that everyone may participate. Microsoft envisions the multiverse as the next evolution of the internet, comparable to how Facebook changed its name to Meta.

According to reports, Microsoft’s Mesh in Teams would allow users to communicate via a personal virtual presence on any device because digital twins of humans now inhabit a new metaverse. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) will animate your avatar as you speak. When the user selects the raise hand option, the avatar will likewise be able to raise its hands.

Comparison of market leaders

Microsoft doesn’t have as many virtual reality alternatives for Xbox gaming as Sony’s PlayStation VR, but that’s about to change. Xbox provided users with live interaction with the virtual game worlds through the Kinect system. Today, instead of a genuine VR experience, the company will employ AR and the metaverse to create a more interactive one.

Playing today’s games is already a mind-blowing experience thanks to all of the enhanced features and technology that Xbox provides. The Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X have been extensively debated, with many people believing that the Xbox Series X will be the greatest system in 2022.

It follows Microsoft’s plans to develop the Teams metaverse, which would change work and productivity. Furthermore, Microsoft is concentrating on the Xbox Gaming division, with the X Series and other Xbox products acquiring this capacity.

New Teams features

The “front row” feature of Teams, according to Microsoft,  places the video gallery at the top of the screen so that meeting attendees can view faraway colleagues in a more natural face-to-face interaction similar to that of the same individual space.

The addition of a smart camera to the Surface Hub 2 and the expansion of shared channels in Teams Connect, as well as the inclusion of a “cameo” and “recording studio” to the PowerPoint camera, are among the other new features.

Microsoft has also announced Operator Connect Mobile. By seamlessly connecting your users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams’ collaboration and productivity, this solution provides enterprise-grade connection, resilience, network quality, and a collaborative support strategy. The front row is a preview, and the Loop components of Outlook are already available; new Outlook RSVPs, team speaker coach, and PowerPoint features are nearing completion.

Today, developers’ daily job includes the integration of metaverse features into the products. Microsoft is building a solution that will allow users to effectively and productively employ the modern concept of virtual communication. Furthermore, the corporation is developing an enterprise-based “metaverse” where workers can work, interact, and spend their leisure time.

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