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Hello, Dear readers! 

Despite the variety of information resources in the network, sometimes we stucking with trouble browsing actual NFT drops: “Where can I find a website that will show me all necessary info in one place ?” 

Now you can save yourself from unnecessary questions because we have made a new category – NFT drops calendar

On the page you will see the most actual drops, automatically sorted in the order of the nearest dates, but you can also sort and track up-to-date information on the desired parameters of each collection.

On our website we show only verified collections, but you must remember – there’s no such thing as being too careful.

Let’s check out new feature visually:

Step 1. Click on drops button.

You can see actual nft drops sorted by the mint date

Step 2. Use the filter for sorting drops by blockchain (ETH or SOL)

Step 3. By clicking “Show past drops” you can exclude future drops and browse already minted collections

Step 4. We have determined the blockchain and dates.Now we should analyze the projects by the involvement of the audience and token start prices: 

under each project you can see preview with all analysis necessary info: price, tokens qty, audience number

Step 5. Choose your favorite and click on it

Here we can see more details:

  1. Number of subscribers on social media
  2. Whitelist link
  3. Mint volume
  4. Price per one token
  5. Website link
  6. Mint timer and date (UTC)

By comparing that data, you will not spend time searching for information and will be able to immediately draw conclusions about the prospects of the project.

Also you can choose relevant project in the  “Similar drops” underline.

Our NFT drops category is  continuously updated – more algorithms and collections soon. Stay tuned! 

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