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This article will cover an exciting team game that many users compare to Brawl Stars and Dota2.

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is the first blockchain-based play-to-earn game in the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). On the battlefield, players fight for heroes. Each character has unique abilities and characteristics.

In Thetan Arena, players may both enhance heroes and their skills.

Thetan Arena NFTs are the heroes you fight for in the game. They may be bought and sold on the marketplace. Characters’ rarity in Thetan Arena is divided into three categories:

  • Common – blue cards.
  • Epic – purple cards.
  • Legendary – orange cards.

The higher the rarity of the card, the higher its price. Transactions are carried out using one of the internal Thetan arena tokens THC. In Thetan Arena, there are two tokens: THC and THG. Power Points are another form of in-game currency. We will talk about them all later in the article.

Thetan Arena: how to start playing?

The game is available for both PC (Windows and Mac OS) and mobile devices. You can download Thetan Arena from the official website of the game.

To join Thetan Arena and start earning, all you need is an email address and a wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. Metamask, for example.

The account is synchronized for both platforms. Therefore, you may play at home on your computer and on the go on your smartphone or tablet.

Thetan Arena gameplay

Character skills and attack efficiency are determined by their type. The characters have two Level attributes that may be set up before the game begins, as well as one unique unchangeable – Fury. Each hero has a distinct Fury. Also, once every 3 seconds, you can apply a normal attack with basic damage. Consistent use of such attacks activates combos.

Heroes in the game are divided into 3 types:

  •       Tank – a defense character with a high level of health who can withstand a large amount of damage. However, due to their slow attack speed and “normal” Attack Damage, the heroes of this group are not very effective in attacking.
  •       Marksman – an attacker with medium Health Points and high Attack Damage.
  •       Assassin – the deadliest character in attack because of his high damage and attack speed, but his downside is his low health. When compared to other classes, their combo does the greatest damage.

All of the characters are attractive and unique in their own way. You can choose based on your preferences or its efficiency in a certain game mode.

Thetan Arena has 4 modes that are common for games of this genre:

  •     Battle Royale — can be played alone or with another player.
  •     Death Match — a team-on-team battle. The side with the most kills wins after 3.5 minutes.
  •     Tower — Teams fight until one of them destroys the opponent’s tower.
  •     SuperStar – the team that scores 50 stars or more than the opponent’s team (after time expires) wins.

How to earn in Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is a free-to-play game. However, to earn, you must buy at least one character, as your income is dependent on it.

In-game tokens:

  • THC (TheTan Coin) – can be earned by playing the game and used to purchase characters.
  • THG (TheTan Gem) – tokens for character skill enhancement.
  • Power Points – the game’s internal currency that can be used to improve skills and purchase Thetan Boxes in the store.

Earnings in the game are based on getting THC. Here are the main ways to earn THC:

  •       Ranking Rewards—users receive from 10 to 80 tokens after ranking up.
  •       Referral program –  3 THC tokens for each referral.
  •       Victory in the battle – standard and bonus THC tokens drop out. The amount depends on the rarity of the hero and its skills. Standard – for the result of the match in a team game (6 – win / 2 – draw / 1 – defeat). Bonus points are awarded for winning in team mode or for winning prizes in the Battle Royale.

A valuable clarification: each purchased character has a limited number of matches with THC rewards. The minimum amount of THC to withdraw is 1000.

Thetan Arena is a thrilling and intriguing game with a variety of features and unique abilities. Each battle lasts around three minutes. Even if you aren’t sure you want to make a profit with this game, you should give it a try and have some fun!

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