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NFTrade is a multi-blockchain NFT marketplace. The website’s main page presents the platform’s slogan to users: “All Chains, all NFTs, one platform.”

However, “all Chains” is hardly a phrase to describe the platform. In truth, NFTrade is an aggregator of the most popular Ethereum-based blockchains and Binance Smart Chain.

According to DappRadar, NFTrade has ranked 6th among all NFT marketplaces in terms of trading volume during the last week.

No matter where we go on the platform’s website, the following inscription will always be at the top:

Solsea does not charge any form of transaction fees. All you’ll have to pay for is gas fees on one of the networks of your choice.

Getting started

The first step in interacting with the platform is to connect a Web 3 crypto wallet to the website. In order to do so click the CONNECT ACCOUNT button in the upper right corner.

To connect to the NFTrade, users may use Metamask and Coinbase wallets, as well as other wallets that support the Wallet Connect protocol.

Registration completed? NFT-Arty will now make an NFTrade overview for you.


The marketplace is the first and main section of the NFTrade platform.

Here you can search for NFT using various filters. For example, we have filtered the works on the Moonriver blockchain.

To purchase NFT, simply click on the token of your choice.

In the full description of an NFT, you may explore the trading history of a token and find a link to the page of the whole collection.

To buy any NFT of your choice, simply click the BUY NOW button. The token in the screenshot was minted on the BNB Chain; always double-check the selection of a network in your wallet.

NFT Swap

On NFTrade, it is possible to swap one asset for another.

According to the creators, this feature allows you to swap NFT quickly and safely. You only need to select the NFT to be swapped and the NFT to be received. Following that, you must wait for the owner of the selected NFT to confirm the swap.

Although the platform does not charge a commission for the swap process, never forget about the gas fees.


The next section is farming. Here you can turn certain tokens into NFT.

The section presents several farms on various blockchains.


The core of farming is the purchase and staking of a certain token. During staking, access to the token is limited; it is locked for a certain period of time. The user earns internal platform tokens as a reward for stacking, which can be used inside the NFTrade marketplace. For tokens earned while stacking, you may purchase special NFT, which can be sold or collected.

The section is constantly updated with new Farming opportunities.

Creation of NFTs

The next section is Create.

Here you can upload your NFT for sale on NFTrade. This process is as simple and accessible as possible. You need to fill in the fields:

  • file (JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, MP3 – up to 30 Mb)
  • name
  • description
  • properties (color, shape, mood, etc..)
  • collection (You have to choose one of your existing collections or create a new one.). When creating a new collection, you will need to pay for the gas of the network through which you connected to the marketplace.

The final step is to click Create, enter a price, and list your NFT for sale.


The last section is $NFTD. This is the platform’s own NFTrade token.

You can learn more about the token, follow its development progress, and buy it on multiple blockchains directly from the platform.

$NFTD owners may be rewarded with higher farming rewards. They also get access to unique NFT drops, purchase discounts, and bonuses.

Link to the marketplace: https://nftrade.com/.

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