OliveX’s game exchanges sweat for cryptocurrency and NFT

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Olives, a metaverse fitness company, is entering the blockchain with Sweat-to-Earn model, encouraging calorie burning with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and NFT.

The company plans to achieve this goal with its mobile blockchain game. It forces players to run in real life to complete tasks.

In the new game, you can earn not only DOSE tokens, which are a means of purchase, utility and action, and is at the heart of the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem, but also NFTs.

To earn, players only need a smartphone, using which they will need to run certain distances in the real world. Gamers can use the earned tokens to improve game performance, as well as trade them on exchanges, and in the case of NFT, on marketplaces.

In 2021, OliveX raised $ 5.7 million, which was used to create Dustland Runner, a game in the genre of “move and earn”.

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