In the NFT world, the prices of gas, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies are changing every second. That’s why you should always keep your hand on the heartbeat and monitor the market in real-time. The best way to do so is to track the price of ETH to the US dollar.

If you’re just setting out on your first NFT journey, make sure to check out our real-time Ethereum price chart. You can see not only the current price but also its changes over the past few days.

Also, we recommend you to read price predictions and just talk to experts on forums or Telegram channels so that you feel more safe setting foot on the fertile soil of NFT.

During drastic price changes, ETH starts mirroring the price movements of Bitcoin. But don’t be alarmed, many experts predict that Ethereum will soon outdo Bitcoin. This is not to say we believe that, of course, and this is no price prediction or financial advice, god forbid — we’re just sharing what we find interesting.

The price of ETH is also dependent on factors like new tech features (Layer 2.0 to name but one), mining activity, the attractiveness of the asset for investors, and, of course, its overall demand. While we’re holding our breaths for the release of the new version of Ethereum while keeping our eyes transfixed on the price chart, there is one thing we can say for sure: Ethereum will stick around for quite a while yet, and we’re talking years (and possibly decades) here.