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Cryptopunks, Bored Apes and other famous NFTs used to cost just a few dollars per collectible. Now they are selling for millions, as well as attracting countless investors into the world of NFTs. But what if you can’t drop thousands of dollars right now? After all, not everyone had a head start. However, there are plenty of marketplaces and ecosystems that offer NFTs for free.

Crypto faucets

NFT faucets are the #1 way to get free NFTs. But you have to put a little work in.

First of all remember this: people have created scam faucets before. You have to be extra careful when choosing what website you go to since some of them have previously infected users’ devices with malware, spyware, or ransomware.

A crypto faucet is a website or app that gives out free cryptocurrencies or NFTs in exchange for completing simple tasks, such as watching or clicking on ads, playing games, solving CAPTCHAs, etc. You might be curious, how do creators benefit from these websites?

Faucets became an integral part of crypto history a long time ago. Crypto enthusiasts are always happy to see new users joining the community. That’s why they offer such an easy way to get started learning about NFTs since there’s no real investment required beyond your time.


Airdrop is a way to distribute cryptocurrencies, tokens, and, of course, NFTs. These are usually sent out to web3 wallet addresses for free in order to promote new and upcoming NFT marketplaces. Sometimes users will get additional NFTs for participating in different crypto-related events or after purchasing digital assets. There are two general types of such airdrops:

  1. Standard airdrop
    Such drops don’t require users to spend crypto. They are extremely similar to crypto faucets because you have to complete a task in order to get a free NFT. However, there is still a difference: usually an airdrop is a one-time event.
  2. Exclusive airdrop

These promotional campaigns aren’t available to just everybody. NFT marketplaces strive to build loyal communities that are eager to support their blockchain projects. This is why exclusive airdrops are only available to those members who have been active event participants for a while.

Bounty programs

Another easy way to get into the world of free NFTs is to participate in bounty programs. These were created so that developers could provide NFTs as rewards for completing more serious (than just watching ads) tasks, ranging from writing articles to creating YouTube videos to coding dApps.

Exchanging NFTs for points

Some marketplaces have a bonus system in place that allows users to save up points for signing up and other types of activities. Points can be then exchanged for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. For example, Coingecko offers its users collecting so-called Candies and then redeeming them for rewards, such as claiming NFTs from their exclusive collections. According to their official website, claiming an NFT sends it directly to your xDAI wallet. Since this is an Ethereum sidechain, there is no fee incurred when transferring.

Lotteries and auctions

Most NFT lotteries require a fee for participation. However, if you search long and hard enough, you will surely find a free one. Users with lottery tokens are able to enter into the draw. The winner is selected randomly by a smart contract, and the winning token is automatically swapped for the auctioned NFT.

The best part is that there are no losers. More often than not pool creators reward participants with some other type of prize.

Crypto communities offer endless opportunities for you to enter this world. You might be one completed CAPTCHA away from becoming a full-time crypto investor. Let’s get going!

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