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The trend of 2022 is a Do-to-Earn concept. On platforms based on this mechanism, you can earn cryptocurrencies by performing various tasks or activities. Mechanics grew from the 2021 trend of Play-to-Earn. We’ve already mentioned other P2E offshoots – move-to-earn and watch-to-earn. This article will go through the mechanics of socialize-to-earn.

Socialize-to-earn (S2E) is an earning concept in the field of cryptocurrencies and NFT that lets you make money through simple social actions. For example, communication on social networks.


Carbon is a decentralized Web3 social media platform that brings people together to share ideas and interact.

Users can create content that matches the interests of the community, and other users can leave rewards in the form of CRBN tokens.  The platform supports MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon blockchains.

Users receive points for comments and likes on their comments. Those points can then be converted into CRBN tokens and withdrawn. Among other features, Carbon also has play-to-earn elements: you can play mini-games and earn CRBN tokens.


Read.cash is an easy-to-use platform with a very simple UI. The website resembles a live blog, where users publish posts and full-fledged articles on various topics.

Authors are rewarded with Bitcoin Cash tokens ($BCH) for the number of votes received under the publication. You may also get money by commenting on other people’s postings. However, the comment must be relevant to the content and of a suitable size (the author of the post confirms the relevance of the comment).


Minds is a whole social network built on the Ethereum blockchain that, with the right audience, can compete with Facebook and Twitter. The site was created in response to the accusations of large social networks in data mining. User data was used to optimize advertising campaigns. Minds was able to avoid this by utilizing blockchain technology.

Users can earn MINDS tokens by commenting on posts, collecting votes (equivalent to likes), and inviting others to join the platform.

Remarkably, the MINDS token price has just begun to drop, failing to withstand the bear market.

From August of last year to February of this year, the token traded at around $2, demonstrating that the project has a high potential when the market’s bearish phase is over.


UHIVE is another social metaverse. For almost any action inside the app, you earn a native UHIVE token. If you liked someone’s post, you’ll get a reward; if someone liked your post, you’ll get a reward as well. This is a versatile media platform where you can earn cryptocurrency.

When registering, users receive 200 UHIVE tokens automatically if they provide a referral code. Also, you will be rewarded if you just log in to the platform every day and contribute to the project’s social life.


The project allows you to earn GRAVY tokens through your daily social activities Gravvity is a completely rethought social metaverse that provides users with both freedom and economic prospects. Users maintain complete control over their privacy, data, and content.

Users will earn a daily reward simply by browsing the feed and engaging with the content. The GRAVY token will be paid even for chatting with friends. The first private Gravvity tokensale took place in February 2022. A public round is expected this summer. In the third quarter, the sale of NFT plots of land in the metaverse will be opened. Land owners can create attractions, businesses and shops, as well as hold live events to attract an audience.

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