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Solsea is a Solana blockchain-based NFT marketplace. This is the first platform that permits copyright licenses to be embedded in NFT Accept while minting.

English, German, and Turkish are the three languages supported by the platform. To start using most marketplaces, you must first connect a cryptocurrency wallet. Solsea is no different. Click Connect wallet in the top right corner.

There are 8 different wallets to pick from:

The Phantom wallet is the most popular and convenient wallet on the Solana blockchain. We’ll hook it up.

You’ll need to register after you’ve connected.

  • NFT purchase

You can buy NFT by clicking the Explore button on the top panel.

You can proceed to the following subsections from here.

  • Explore NFTs

NFTs can be searched by category, ranging from simple art to video and 3D items.

Choose NFT and click on it to buy. More information will be accessible on the next page.

Click Buy NFT, pay the commission, and for the token itself.

  • Collections

A similar section, but here you may explore large collections rather than single NFTs.

  • Statistics

Statistics is an overview of the most popular collections throughout a certain period.

You can monitor trading volume and number of sales, as well as average and floor prices.

  • Calendar

This section contains upcoming collections.

  • “The first 100”

This section is a virtual NFT exhibition where you can stroll around with sound accompaniment. The show features the works of the first 100 artists to have their work shown on Solsea.

You can explore each thing more closely, learn about it, and buy it for your collection.

  • Creating an NFT

Go to the top panel and click the Create button to create an NFT and put it up for sale.

After you’ll be sent to a simple form where you can enter information about your NFT or NFT collection.

You will be needed to give the following information:

  • file (up to 40 MB)
  • name
  • brief description
  • full description
  • tags
  • attributes

For the collection, you will need to add the amount of NFT, the mint date, and the sale price. It is also important to provide links to the websites and various social networks (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram). The more links, the more chances of success. It is important to note that in order to verify NFT, you need at least 1000 followers on Twitter, otherwise your token card will have such a label:


There is a toggle switch like this on Solea when creating an NFT.

This allows you to draw the attention of users to the fact that the NFT contains explicit content or is meant for very sensitive users. Only those who enable the relevant option on the top panel will see this material.

You may also define the number of royalties you want to receive, ranging from 0% to 50%, for each resale of your NFT.

Finally, there’s the licensing type. This site has a unique feature that allows you to add a copyright license to your NFT. There are four different types of licenses available:

  1. Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation
  2. Personal public display/Non-Commercial exploitation
  3. Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation
  4. Reproduction/Commercial exploitation.
  • Stacking and commissions

There is also a Stake ($AART) button on the top panel.

AART is a Solsea io platform native token. You will be able to stake this coin in this section.

The Orca service also allows you to rapidly swap USB tokens for AART.

By default, the Solsea NFT platform charges a 3% trading commission. Staking with AART gives you the chance to save money.

You can withdraw your tokens at any moment, but the commission will revert to its previous amount of 3%.

Link to the marketplace: https://solsea.io/.

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