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What is STEPN?

STEPN is a self-styled “Web3 lifestyle app” with GameFi elements on the Solana blockchain. It combines aspects of a play-to-earn game with a fitness app to create a new category coined Move-To-Earn. Players buy NFT sneakers to further earn in-game currency for walking or running. The game has its own integrated wallet, where you can store GST, GMT and SOL tokens.

The major difference between Move-To-Earn tech and other mechanics is that you get paid for what you do in the real world rather than in the virtual one —  your earnings depend only on your approach to doing sports whether it is jogging or casually strolling.

How do I get a STEPN activation code and start playing? 

You need an invite to enter the game. Here are several ways to get a “golden ticket”:

  • First: 1000 codes are laid out in the STEPN Telegram channel and Discord daily at 4 pm (GMT+3). Yet, the competition is fierce, so these invites disappear in a matter of seconds. Turn your fighter mode on to pick one up and activate it.
  • Second: get the code from another user. Every STEPN player has their own activation codes that can be shared. Those are free and are restored for a certain amount of Energy spent in the game. Thus, if you have friends who are STEPN members already, you can ask them to send you an invite.

STEPN sneakers price and how to get them

No sneakers, no gain. 

STEPN NFT sneakers can be purchased on the Magic Eden marketplace, the floor price being 12 SOL. 

Study the descriptions in the “Attributes” section to choose what suits you best.


  • Walker (Optimal Speed 1-6km/hr) 
  • Jogger (Optimal Speed 4-10km/hr) 
  • Runner (Optimal Speed 8-20km/hr) 
  • Trainer (Optimal Speed 1-20km/hr) 

Each type has an optimal speed, meaning that you will have to maintain the speed of your sneaker type to earn $GST. 


There are 3 qualities to choose from: 

  • Common (Base attribute is between 1-10)
  • Uncommon (Base attribute is between 8-18)
  • Rare (Base attribute is between 15-35)

A Common pair provides you with 4 attribute points for each time you level up, with 6 and 8 attribute points being awarded for a level-up with an Uncommon and a Rare pair of sneakers respectively.


  • Efficiency – Determines the amount of $GST earned
  • Luck – Determines the frequency and quality of a Mystery Box drop
  • Comfort – Not in use at the moment
  • Resilience – Determines how much repair cost is needed for your sneakers

STEPN token rewards

GST (Green Satoshi Token) and GMT (Green Metaverse Token) are the app’s two main currencies. You need to make ‘runs’ in digital sneakers to earn them. Your ‘race’ is recorded using GPS, and you get tokens every minute of your movement. 

There is a cap to how much you can run with the app each day though, which is about 100 minutes, meaning there’s a limit to your STEPN token earnings.You can continue to run even after your Energy has run out, but the earning meter will stop until the next day. There’s also a speed meter that you need to keep up with in order to stay earning.  

The game has 2 modes:

  • Solo: a single-player mode where you earn a GST token that will be automatically replaced by GMT upon you reaching level 30
  • Marathon: competitive mode where you have other users to fight for places with. Such “races” can get you some GMT tokens — the higher your place in the ranking, the more GMTs you earn. 

Your performance heavily depends on your sneakers that have a bad habit of wearing out. To maintain a good profit, you need to “repair” them from time to time. As a rule, earnings for the “race” perfectly covers the repair costs, so the loss of tokens will not be that noticeable.

Other features 

The game allows you not only to purchase sneakers on the secondary market, but create your own brand-new designs to be sold or rented to other players via the RNPL system (Rent Now Pay Later)

STEPN bringing reasonable profits and being kindly welcomed by the community proves that Move-To-Earn apps have great prospects in the years to come.


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