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On the Solana blockchain, STEPN is a move-to-earn game. In April 2022, the project added a second network — BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain). It is now immensely popular due to the network’s frenetic profitability.

The gaming mechanics, as well as the characteristics of the shoes themselves, are identical to those of the Solana network. So, what are the distinctions and benefits of the BNB network?

Total energy

The table below shows the correlation between the number of NFT shoes on your account and the number of energy units consumed every day.

The most intriguing aspect is that energy may be used on two networks at the same time. Assume you have two pairs of Solana sneakers and one pair of BNB sneakers. In this situation, you’ll have 4 units of energy or 20 minutes every day to create a profit. BNB sneakers may be used for GST farming, whereas Solana sneakers are just batteries. That is, you may buy any sneakers with floor price without considering the characteristics and indicators.

By the way, a common box may be purchased on Solana. With a 97 percent chance, a standard pair of sneakers will fall out of this box.

Box has a 2 SOL higher floor price than sneakers on the market. It would seem that why overpay? Uncommon sneakers are likely to fall out with a 3 percent chance, and they may already be sold for 40 SOL.

You might wonder why you should buy BNB sneakers at all since they’re so much more expensive on this network than on Solana?

GST’s Rate

GST at $28. Do you believe this is all a dream? No, on May 25th, this is the GST rate on the BNB blockchain. The GST course is the first and most significant distinction between BNB and Solana. One GST equals $2.2 on Solana and $21.5 on the BNB network at the time of writing. Take a look at the nearly tenfold difference!

At level 9 joggers on Solana, for example, you can now earn roughly 20 GST tokens net per day (at 4 units of energy), which is $22. Converse with the same indications will get around $ 430 on the Binance network. Four hundred thirty dollars for a twenty-minute walk. Does that sound like a fairy tale? However, keep in mind the cost of sneakers in the BNB network.

The jogger floor price on the BNB Chain is 18.2 BNB, which equals $5842. While on Solana floor – 12.7 SOL = $588. For example, to purchase three pairs on SOL + BNB, you must pay almost $ 7k, and only on Solana – approximately $ 1750. With the most conditional calculations and very stable rates, you invest four times more, and the benefits are ten times greater. As a result, the payback is more rapid.

This strategy is best for STEPN Binance users who have a large starting capital and are ready to take a lot of risks. Keep in mind that the BNB Chain’s GST volatility is substantially higher than Solan’s. The token, for example, climbed to $28 on May 25 and then fell to $16 on May 26.

So, before investing in a particular project, consider all of the risks.

What’s next?

STEPN now allows you to utilize energy units on two networks at the same time. The developers have announced that this amazing feature would be removed in the summer. The energy will be split among the networks, but not entirely. And, while the option exists, some people take advantage of it in order to earn more.

For those who are paying close attention, STEPN has placed the logos of various blockchains in its new screensaver. As a result, the Ethereum and Chainlink networks might be introduced in the future.

New earning potential or new fears for market hamsters? Only time will tell.

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