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The Crypto Space Agency (CSA) has revealed its plans to use Web3 and NFT to help humanity explore space and develop beyond the globe.

Announces and arrangements

On the 25th of April, the company released the Gen-1 Membership NFT. Holders can get access to unique features, including “priority access to space flight opportunities, events, merchandise and exclusive whitelist access to future CSA NFT drops,”- according to the project’s website.

Blue Origin is a space launch provider for CSA. On the same Monday, the spaceflight services company tweeted that it has approved a seat for the crypto project on its upcoming New Shepard launch.

Changing the state of affairs in the space industry

The founder of the Crypto Space Agency in an interview with a news outlet shared the goals of the project and gave details of how they will provide “more political and economic freedom for everybody.”

According to Sam Hutchison, CSA’s team of aeronautic engineering professionals is keen to explore the potential for synergies between Web3 and space technologies. He noted that the space and crypto sectors have a lot in common, especially when it comes to promoting innovation for the sake of humanity. By integrating the two, the CSA wants to establish the framework for independent space activities.

CSA intends to change the established state of affairs in the space industry. Their team, unlike national space agencies, plans to implement projects that can benefit the entire world community, and not serve only national interests.

“We’re looking to identify deep synergies between existing and emerging space technologies and the power of the blockchain. Our focus is on space projects with near and long-term benefits to Web3, whether in communications technologies, human space exploration, offworld resources and much more.” – Hutchison said.

According to the project’s website, the team is serious about seeing humankind’s future in space and developing extraterrestrial infrastructure involving all of humanity.

Gen-1 NFT

NFT Membership is the first step toward joining the CSA on its space journey. On Monday, April 25, the NFT drop went live, with 5,555 NFTs available for the price of 0.25 ETH. Early supporters have the opportunity to mint up to 2 NFTs. Token holders have first dibs on future NFT drops and items, including artwork drops.

This week, three NFT holders will be chosen at random for Blue Origin vetting, which will include training and a fit-to-fly assessment, and one will be chosen for the space journey. In the near future, CSA intends to provide more space trips to token holders.

NFTs can be purchased via payment provider Moonpay, with the option of paying in fiat or crypto through Web3 wallet MetaMask.

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