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In this article, we will talk about Town Star, a popular and easy-to-learn NFT game, and will learn how to make money on it.

Town Star: General

Town Star is an Ethereum-based play-to-earn city-building game where you get to own and develop your own city from the ground up. The game is available on Gala Games in the public domain, and is currently marketed as the platform’s flagship title. You can quickly sign up on Gala and start building your town right now. 

Some numbers boasted on the official website: 

$2M Cash Prizes awarded to top players so far

700k Unique Towns created by players worldwide

$10k Weekly Rewards players can earn and claim right away

The game mechanics and economy revolve around NFT buildings, skins and a variety of cosmetic items that can be purchased on the marketplace for Town Coin, the in-game cryptocurrency.

The game is multiplayer-oriented and has competitive elements, like a leaderboard and daily/weekly challenges. 

Town Star guide: How to start playing

Starting off is pretty simple: you need to create an account on the Gala Games website, select Town Star from the game list (so far it’s the only game fully available to play) and click “Play”.

Once you join one of the available servers, a huge map opens in front of you, not unlike that of the real world, divided into cells. 

And here’s the best part: you can place your town on any one of the free cells. The developers themselves advise building a city near a major city or a capital because this way, it’ll be much more convenient to get and deliver resources later on. Just like in real life, isn’t it?

Next, you must complete a short tutorial that fills you in on some of the basic mechanics, and give your city a name. Now you are the fully-fledged owner of your own city, and it’s only up to you to decide how to keep it afloat.

Town Star guide: tips for successful city development

Here are some tips that will help you develop your city more easily and not lose money at the initial stages of playing the game: 

Do not sell Gasoline early on. Gasoline is an in-game resource that determines how many times you can put items up for sale. It’s a pretty expensive resource to create, so it’s best to wait until your city starts actually producing it in sufficient amounts.

Build a few (at least 3) additional farmhouses and houses for lumberjacks to boost your resource yield. The best bet is to build them near their workplaces.

Build more roads. This one is particularly important. It always pays to think in advance how you will fill the city with roads: it’s thanks to them that workers can move faster, thus in turn speeding up alot of city-building processes.

Place plantations next to ponds. Your farming spots will naturally need some water, so best place them as close to it as possible. The better you get their placement — the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

Don’t be afraid to destroy buildings that take a long time to produce resources and goods. For example, mills or windmills aren’t always cost-efficient. With time, it’s to destroy them and move them to another place where their performance will be higher.

Sell ​​flour! Strange as it may sound, this practice is actually ideal for beginners, as flour is made from resources you can mine from the get-go, and its selling price is very high, allowing you to hire more workers or build more lucrative businesses.

Also, it’s worth mentioning the AutoSell feature. With it, you can set up the automatic sale of resources to focus on developing your city instead of clicking the sell button all the time.

Town Star crypto earnings

Town Star is free to play, but you’ll need an initial investment if you want to start earning money on it. First, you must purchase some GALA Coin or buy NFT on the marketplace and use it for building your city. Your earnings are proportional to your Gala Power level, with the formula looking something like this: 

Gala Power = GalaCoin + TownCoin*2

For example, from level 1 to 20, every 5k Gala Power = +1 level. After level 20, there will be a level increase for every 10k Gala Power, etc.

Town Star: how to earn Town Coins

In Town Star crypto can be earned in several ways, here are the most basic ones:

Completing daily tasks: The tasks are very simple, don’t require you to do much, and allow you to earn Town Coin, XP (Gala experience), and Gala Power. After completing a quest, press the “Collect” button to claim your reward. 

The right set of Town Star NFT items. This is a very important aspect if you really want to earn Town Coins. Different Town Star NFT items can generate different returns. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive ones will bring the most earnings. Experienced players believe that at first, it’s better to buy the cheapest NFTs possible because they all have good profitability anyway. The number of Town Star NFT placements equals your level, i.e. if you are level 1, then you can place one token.

Important: Town Star crypto earning mechanisms are not cut out for making a quick buck. It will be possible to recoup the purchased NFT, but only after a long time. Remember that the more time you spend in the game and the more active you are, the higher your income. As you go along playing it and master different mechanics, you will develop an eye for the most cost-efficient NFT placements and combinations, but that always takes time. 

Even if you’re not in it for the sole purpose of making money, you should definitely check out this project. Even with the money bit aside, Town Star is an interesting game with a great visual style and addictive gameplay that will almost certainly be to the taste of those into city-building and farming games.

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