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As we get closer to Web 3.0, there are more and more mechanisms that allow making money through quite familiar actions. Earlier we discussed the concept of M2E, where you may make money just by walking down the street. What if you were paid for watching a video? It’s not a fairy tale, it’s a watch-to-earn.


The Brave browser regards eliminating obtrusive advertising as its mission. You may use Brave without any advertisements. You may also earn BAT tokens by watching commercials.

As a gesture of gratitude for installing, new users receive 5 BAT (about $2). Monthly rewards range from 25 to 40 BAT. Just create a wallet in the browser or connect Netmask to eliminate tokens.

To get a reward, go to the Brave Reviews page, install the browser on your PC and click on the triangle symbol in the upper right corner.

You can change the number of adverts you see every hour from 0 to 10. Ads will be sent via push notifications, and you will be rewarded with tokens simply for seeing the notice. You’ll get more if you watch the whole commercial.


A platform running on the Binance SmartChain blockchain. There are three types of people: creators, moderators, and spectators. They’re all rewarded for participation. Furthermore, advertising money is shared among users.

You may select videos depending on your interests and earn RNO coins for each view. The option to withdraw funds will show after you have at least 250 RNO on your balance.

Earneo also allows you to stack RNO cryptocurrency. In the future, staking will not only offer more earnings but will also grant access to limited content and other capabilities.


This is a browser extension that allows you to earn tokens for watching certain YouTube channels. The channel owner’s author tokens may then be swapped for the platform’s native currency, XCAD, or for tokens from other authors. Content providers will be paid as well.

In addition to the browser extension, you will need a crypto wallet, which may be set up immediately in the plugin. You must also have a little ZIL token in your wallet to pay for transactions on the Zilliqa blockchain network.

The plugin’s complete implementation is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. The CAD coin is presently trading at $2.20, having hit over $9 at its high in January of this year.


Watch2Earn, Tag2Earn, and Own2Earn are the three mechanics used in this project. Users can earn tokens via viewing streaming and internet broadcasts, tagging people, or buying an NFT. The EAT cryptocurrency, whose public introduction is slated for the second quarter of this year, is used to give rewards.

Switch to any platform supported by the EDGE platform and link MetaMask to the Polygon network to begin earning money.

EDGE uses face recognition technologies. Each of these faces is a unique NFT token — FaiCE. Every Face symbolizes a distinct personality and grants the owner of this NFT the right to acquire EAT tokens if the FaiCE is discovered in any live broadcast by another user. As a result, the more famous the personality, the more money you may make.

Face NFT may be purchased with EAT tokens. Simply click on the person’s face during the broadcast and select the NFT option from the pop-up box.

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