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Are you familiar with the expression “time is money”? STEPN sneakers energy is a representation of this expression.

Energy determines the amount of time each day that when users can earn GST tokens. 1 Energy equals 5 minutes of physical activity.

How to increase energy in STEPN?

By default, all users who have purchased one sneaker are given 2 units of energy every 24 hours.

You can get additional units of energy by purchasing new sneakers. The amount of energy is not directly dependent on the number of new sneakers; 1 unit of energy is not simply added for each additional sneaker. This figure shows how the quantity of energy varies based on the number of sneakers.

For example, whether you have 3 or 8 sneakers, you will be charged 4 units of energy every day. However, the ninth shoe will contribute an extra five units of energy, giving you a total of 9 units to earn, or around 45 minutes.

You can also get additional units of energy for higher-class sneakers.

Just like one common sneaker, a pair of common sneakers will provide you with only two units of energy. One common and one uncommon NFT, on the other hand, will supply you with three units of energy every day.

Please keep in mind that the maximum amount of energy you can have is 20 units. Even if you have 30 pairs of sneakers that are uncommon or rare, you will only receive 20 units of energy. Furthermore, the creators have said several times that the energy limit would never be increased.

Energy refill

According to the STEPN energy system, you will receive 25% of energy 4 times each day. For an account with one pair of common sneakers, energy accrual occurs at 0.5 units, since such a user has 2 units of energy for 24 hours in total.

In the STEPN game energy is recharged at 07:00, 13:00, 19:00, and 01:00 UTC.

On the main page of the STEPN application, you’ll find the energy scale. It also shows you when the next 25% of your daily energy will be charged after that time.

Energy consumption

When you use shoes actively, you lose energy points and gain a reward in the form of GST tokens. The energy begins to be consumed 3 seconds after you press the Start button. STEPN mechanics involves spending about 0.2 units of energy every minute of running or walking.

While running, you may keep track of your energy consumption. The counter is in the top right corner.

You can spend any amount of energy units you have. If you have 0.5 units of energy available – you can spend them or save them. If after starting a workout with 2 units of energy and you want to interrupt the workout when you have spent only 0.2 units of energy? In this case, you can finish the workout and spend the remaining 1.8 energy later. It is worth noting that during the refilling of the energy, you will be able to get only 0.2 units remaining to the maximum, not the usual 5.

Final bonus

Additionally, we have prepared a bonus for owners of 4 energy units. Energy can be recovered while you run. For example, if you start moving at 06:50 and spend more than 1 unit of energy, at 07:00 (according to the schedule) you will be recharged with another 1 unit of energy, which can be spent immediately during the same walk.

You can spend a total of 5 units of energy on a single stroll if you have extra energy. This option allows you to get a Mystery Box at the end of the walk if your sneakers are properly pumped.

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