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    NFT drops: new category

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    Hello, Dear readers! 

    Despite the variety of information resources in the network, sometimes we stucking with trouble browsing actual NFT drops: “Where can I find a website that will show me all necessary info in one place ?” 

    Now you can save […]

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    What is energy in STEPN?

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    Are you familiar with the expression “time is money”? STEPN sneakers energy is a representation of this expression.

    Energy determines the amount of time each day that when users can earn GST tokens. 1 Energy equals 5 minutes of physical activity.
    How […]

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    The trend of 2022 is a Do-to-Earn concept. On platforms based on this mechanism, you can earn cryptocurrencies by performing various tasks or activities. Mechanics grew from the 2021 trend of Play-to-Earn. We’ve already mentioned other P2E offshoots – move-to-earn and watch-to-earn. […]