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In this article, we will discuss a high potential game that has already gained a sizable audience, in which you compete in horse racing.

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a horse-racing-themed play–to-earn game on the Polygon blockchain. Players compete in races for their Pegasus in it. The game is based on RNG (Random Number Generator), which means you must rely solely on luck, or choose a powerful Pegasus based on its characteristics.

The Pegasus (Pega) that you race for is the NFT in the game. It is available for purchase on eBay Marketplace or for rent from another player. Pegasuses are classified into four classes, and the prize pool for the race in which they compete is determined by the class:

  • Class 1 – the prize pool for a chosen race is 70 VIS
  • Class 2 –  210 VIS
  • Class 3 – 570 VIS
  • Class 4 – 1550 VIS

The higher the Pegasus class, the costlier it is. VIS is a gaming utility token that serves as a reward for racing rewards. There is also a PGX – the game’s governance token, which is currently only used for renting Pegasus, but the developers want to add staking options, purchases, and rewards for tournaments in which PGX will appear.

How to Get Started?

The game is now only available on the web, but it will be released on mobile devices on May 24. To register to Pegaxy you simply need a wallet that supports the Polygon Mainnet network, like Metamask.

To begin, you will need a Pegasus. There are 2 ways to get it:

  • Purchase. You may purchase a Pegasus for USDT on the Pegaxy Marketplace. When purchasing, pay close attention to Pegasus’ Winrate, which is stated in the lower-left corner next to the flag in a purple frame. In reality, it is contingent on how frequently you will win races.

A valuable clarification: If you see 100 percent Winrate, you should not buy it straight away since it is most likely a Pegasus who has only competed in one race and won.

  • Rent. There are two methods to rent a Pegasus: for free, on the condition that you receive a percentage of the winnings, or for a daily payment in PGX, in which case you receive the whole amount of profits.

If you are a newbie and simply want to experiment, you should go with the first choice because the transaction fee will only cost you a few cents.

Pegaxy gameplay

The Pegaxy game is quite casual; there are very few game elements, and everything is based on luck. Even the race track is determined at random, as are environmental factors such as air humidity and the distance you must run.

All of these random indications allow anyone to win, but each Pegasus has its own traits that assist lessen the influence of weather circumstances on winning, allowing stronger characters to win more regularly.

Pegasus has an energy level (25), which is recharged every day. The amount of energy equals the number of runs you may do every day for this character.

All races are automated and run between 30 and 60 seconds, so you don’t have to focus on the action and may play Pegaxy while doing other activities. The only thing left to do is confirm your participation in the race.

A valuable clarification: To provide variety to the gameplay, the game includes a 3D model that allows you to watch your Pegasus race in the metaverse.

Pegaxy Play-to-Earn Mechanics

There are several ways to earn in the Pegaxy ecosystem:

  • Racing your Pega. This is a game-based method of earning. Earnings are made in the form of VIS utility tokens, which may be obtained by winning a race. Consider the Pegasus race in Class 1. The prize pool will be divided as follows:
    • 1 place – 42 VIS
    • 2 place – 18 VIS
    • 3 place – 10 VIS
  • Renting out your Pega. This is a form of passive income. You might rent out your Pegasus. Another player will race for him and share the earnings in VIS or the daily rental fee for a Pegasus in PGX with you. This is how many gamers earn to save time.
  • Breeding your Pega. You can breed Pegasus using the game’s breeding system. This requires two Pegasuses, one male, and one female, as well as a particular quantity of game tokens. It is vital to remember that each of the characters has its own breed count, which shows how many times Pegasus engaged in breeding; nevertheless, only one character may participate in a maximum of seven breedings. You make a new Pegaxy NFT and can use it as you choose, such as racing or renting.

A valuable clarification: Payouts are available every 15 days.

Pegaxy is one of the most popular play-to-earn games, however, it is not yet complete. The developers vow to ensure that the player, not chance, determines the outcome. Pegaxy is a terrific method to generate passive income right now, so it’s definitely worth a go.

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