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Do you want to always be aware of trending NFT collections and jump into top-selling projects ahead of everyone else? We have prepared a list of the best NFT tools that will help you find that hidden gem.

NFT Collection Browsers


Rarity.tools is an NFT analytics tool for browsing and tracking NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. At the moment, it features ~1000 collections that you can sort and filter by a variety of features, including the rarity and unique attributes of a particular token.

It also has direct links to OpenSea, where you can instantly purchase the tokens you like.

There’s also an Upcoming NFT Sales section which is exactly what it sounds like: announcements of upcoming sales. Each collection here has links to its website, Discord, and Twitter. The price, number of NFTs, and the date and time of the minting are also seen here. The cost of listing your own collection here is 2 ETH.

Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is another great NFT analytics tool offering functionality largely mirroring that of the previous service, but there are some differences. First is the multi-chain support: you can track collections across 17 blockchains (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance, etc.)

Rarity Sniper offers 1200+ collections on Ethereum alone, which is almost double that of the previous platform. Also, the service allows you to track upcoming NFT drops.

There is also a Get listed section where you can submit your own collection. For that, you need to fill out a form and, if approved, your NFT collection will be listed on the site for free. With that in mind, beware of scams while browsing around on the platform. 

Upcoming NFT

Another NFT service where various collections are gathered for browsing. It features a bunch of collections not represented on the sites mentioned above, especially those on the Solana blockchain. 

Here are a few more NFT browser services with similar functionality: NFT Calendar, NFT Catcher, Upcoming NFT.Art, Next Drop.

What’s minting right now?


Whatsminting is a service that allows you to see what NFTs are being minted at the moment, or have been minted recently.

If you have chosen an NFT collection for yourself, then at the moment of the mint you can go head over to this site and check the demand for the collection.


Icy.tools is another useful platform for tracking and analyzing NFTs. You can filter collections by a variety of features such as the latest floor prices, volumes, and sales. 

The main page has two key sections: Trending and Discover.

Trending: these are collections that are currently ‘in’, i.e. being actively traded. Here, the rating of a token is derived from the number of tokens sold, not from the price. For each collection, you can see, for example, how many NFTs were sold in the last 24 hours, as well as their average price and trading volume.

Discover: collections minted at this very moment. Here, you can track the number of unique minters in a particular NFT collection. The service also allows you to monitor the speed at which tokens are bought up and how many NFTs have been sold out of the collection’s total supply.

Social media trackers


When conducting an analysis of an NFT collection, one thing to keep an eye on is the number of followers in social networks and their overall levels of activity. But how do you measure the number of subscribers, if the number can be greatly inflated? Thankfully, for that, you’ve got followerAudit, a service that exposes the number of fake members, both active and inactive.

If there are more than 10% fakes, the project is likely not worth your attention. Promising collections are not engaged in cheating, as the natural promotion of a worthwhile NFT collection is usually more than enough.

Telegram Analytics

If you want to follow current events from the NFT world and keep up with trends, then you should join a few Telegram channels on the relevant topics. This NFT analytics tool allows you to find interesting Telegram channels by keywords.

You can sort the results by the number of followers, as well as see the average membership growth and reach.

We hope these NFT tools will help you make your own crypto art and NFT research easy, fast, and secure.

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