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MANGO reinterpreted the works of famous Spanish artists like Joan Miró (Oiseau volant vers le Soleil and Tète et Oiseau), Anthony Tapies (Ulls I Creu and Esgrafiats), and Miguel Barcelo (Dilatation) together with 3D artists and experts, resulting in a collection of five NFTs.

The launch of the collection comes with the opening of a new MANGO flagship shop on Fifth Avenue in New York, which will temporarily operate as a physical, digital, and virtual museum.

NFTs support MANGO’s aim to inspire the world by sharing its love of Mediterranean style and culture.

The collection will also be presented in the Decentraland metaverse, specifically at coordinates 16.78 of the Museum District, marking the first time a clothing brand has combined a physical, digital, and virtual experience.

Besides the collection of five NFT artworks, MANGO has also created wearable NFTs; digital clothing from the collection that is presently available in the store, as well as POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), a sort of NFT that accredits attendance at the event.

As a result of such kinds of projects, MANGO will be able to draw the attention of a new audience and learn how young customers behave in a virtual world, according to Geordie Alex, Director of Technology and Security at MANGO.

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