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    What is an NFT roadmap and how to build it?

    A Roadmap is a strategic plan for an NFT project and a powerful promotion tool. A clear roadmap can become a big selling point for the potential investor. It also makes the project’s website more engaging for your audience.

    A roadmap sets the global goals of a project, marks key milestones and announces the project deadlines. […]

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    Own your smart contract with SmartMint NFT tool

    Web 3 protocol Pastel announced on Wednesday that their no-code non-fungible token (NFT) minting solution SmartMint is entering its beta stage. The tool allows developers to own their smart-contracts on the Ethereum network, Solana, Polygon and the Pastel platforms
    Smart-contract ownership
    SmartMint, according to Pastel co-founder Anthony Georgiades, aims to simplify NFT minting while encouraging decentralization by […]

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    “Cyber Future 22:22”: Dubai conference on Metaverses

    On September 5, 2022, the Address Sky View Hotel will host the “Cyber Future 22:22” conference, which will focus on the world of metaverses.

    AAM Worldwide Investments, Alexey Maznichenko’s investment fund, is conducting the conference.

    Platinum Sponsor of the Event Metaverse SPHERE 22:22

    Over 1,000 people from 32 nations will be immersed in the future’s ambiance, learning new […]

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    Microsoft’s New Metaverse: Teams and XBOX Updates

    Microsoft built the metaverse shortly after Facebook changed its name to Meta to build virtual locations for businesses and consumers. Microsoft Teams now has a virtual experience stage called Mesh.

    Mixed reality and the HoloLens are two components of a wider endeavor to include animated avatars in meetings or video conferences so that everyone may participate. Microsoft […]

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    NFT & Music: how well do they combine?

    In the coming decade, many industries will likely experience a fundamental shift in the way they function thanks to blockchain technology, and the music industry is no exception. NFTs will transform the distribution of power between labels and musicians. Artists will finally be able to spread their music independently, without sharing their royalties with a […]

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    Famous NFT Artists

    NFT art is booming thanks to the breathtaking possibilities it offers compared to traditional physical art. In this article, we’ll tell you about famous crypto artists who have managed to make a name for themselves thanks to their NFT creations.
    If you have ever heard anything about NFT artists, you have most likely heard of Beeple. […]

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    What is NEAR Protocol?

    Near is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain network that launched its mainnet in 2020. It acts as a platform for developing decentralized apps (DApps). NEAR was designed to provide an environment for developing and supporting DApps and overcome some of the key restrictions of competing systems, such as low bandwidth & speed, and bad cross-compatibility.
    The main goals […]

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    What is a DAO?

    DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. That might include any organization seeking profit for its work services. However, such an organization has to have no strict hierarchy or management system. Decisions are not supposed to be made just by managers or bosses, but instead, every single opinion is taken into account. And you may ask, […]

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    Phantom Wallet and how to use it

    A crypto wallet is a program or app that allows you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency.

    In this article, we’ll talk about the Phantom Wallet, which runs on the Solana blockchain. But first, let’s talk about Solana.
    What is Solana?
    Solana is an open-source blockchain project created in 2017 that aims to use several advanced tech solutions […]