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    13-year-old NFT legend interviewed by Anthony Pompliano

    The Best Business Show, hosted by Anthony Pompliano – a well-known crypto investor and social media influencer has brought a 13-year-old NFT prodigy, Benyamin, the author of an NFT collection titled Weird Whales, back for another interview. Benyamin Ahmed, a 13-year-old from London, became famous for his smash hit NFT collection that raked in over […]

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    Blur announces beta after a major investment round in March

    NFT marketplace “for pro traders” Blur highlighted in the end of March that it had received $11 million during the seed phase, and early in May that it had launched a beta version of its platform.
    $11 Million seed investment
    The NFT startup  Blur on the 28th of March announced an initial investment round of $11 million headed by Paradigm. According to […]

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    Spatial turns from business rooms to NFT art-galleries

    Spatial company has started the development of a virtual art gallery with NFT art.
    Turning to a much-hyped market
    Jacob Loewenstein opened his Augmented World Expo presentation with an apology. A few hundred individuals sat disguised and divided in Ballroom B of the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley center. He is the director of business development […]

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    DappRadar’s April NFT report shows a rise in activities

    The April issue of DappRadar shows the Solana network’s spectacular expansion, the NFT’s resurgence, and the Terra network’s rise, while well-known collections like Moonbirds and Otherdeeds make a splash.
    Moonbirds and Solana Boost NFTs
    Despite large media reports to the contrary, NFTs have experienced an increase in activity in the previous month. As a consequence, for the […]

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    The price of Cryptopunk #273 drops by 80%

    Does the recent sensational and unprofitable sale of Cryptopunk #273 indicate the potential end of the PFP NFTs era?

    This non-fungible token (NFT) was issued in mid-2017 by Larva Labs as part of a set of 10,000 produced by a random computer generator as part of one of the first and best-known collections that triggered the […]

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    “Cyber Future 22:22”: Dubai conference on Metaverses

    On September 5, 2022, the Address Sky View Hotel will host the “Cyber Future 22:22” conference, which will focus on the world of metaverses.

    AAM Worldwide Investments, Alexey Maznichenko’s investment fund, is conducting the conference.

    Platinum Sponsor of the Event Metaverse SPHERE 22:22

    Over 1,000 people from 32 nations will be immersed in the future’s ambiance, learning new […]

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    Kraken announces a gasless NFT marketplace

    Another cryptocurrency exchange has announced the establishment of the NFT marketplace. On May 3, Kraken opened an entry on the project’s waitlist.
    The market is replenished with competitors
    According to the company’s releases, the new Kraken marketplace will exempt customers from paying gas fees for NFT sales and transfers. A built-in rarity tool and compatibility with the […]

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    ORIGYN creates biometric fingerprints of watches and mints them

    To rid the wristwatch market of counterfeit products, ORIGYN will resort to the use of blockchain and biometric technologies. The company’s initiative was not without the NFT.
    NFTs fight fakes
    The Swiss ORIGYN Foundation, which is engaged in the identification and authentication of valuable items and goods using artificial intelligence, is creating a joint project with the […]

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    Reddit’s Ohanian invests $10M in PROOF after Moonbirds NFT launch

    Kevin Rose’s Web3 media startup receives investment from Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian.
    Multilateral funding
    Web3 media start-up PROOF, founded by Digg co-founder and venture capitalist Kevin Rose, is increasingly appearing in the headlines of news publications. At first, the company caused a stir in the community when it released its now-famous Moonbirds NFT collection. And recently, the […]